HVAC Training in Texas

The HVAC Crisis... 37,700 openings each year

Many of our good old boys (and girls) are reaching retirement age. According to many trade magazines one of the leading causes of concern for the future of both the HVAC and Plumbing business is the lack of qualified field technicians available and the prospect of finding even fewer in the future. That means the strain on existing HVAC technicians will only continue to grow. But you don’t need us to tell you that; you’re living it.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 6-percent growth in HVAC jobs over the next ten years. Well, over 35,000 positions will need filling every twelve months (not counting those already empty). And numbers like that won’t be met by the typical six—or 12-month program. That’s why we designed our program to take a technician from green to ready in ten days.

About Technical Arts Center

You want to build your HVAC technicians from the ground up, but when do you have time to do that? You’re already managing existing staff and trying to fill the jobs you have. That’s where The Technical Arts training center comes in.

Curious apprentices are great, but they slow down jobs and often fail to provide immediate value. Our specially designed curriculum allows us to take hard-working, interested individuals from inexperienced to value-producing in a remarkably short time. This is all thanks to our unique approach to HVAC training. We prioritize hands-on skills over theoretical ones. This includes pretending to run actual service calls and in-depth customer service training.

The Technical Arts Center is located in Houston, the air conditioning capital of the world. It’s just 20 minutes from the international airport. This central location makes it an accessible destination throughout the country. The price of training includes lodging and transportation. With training available year-round, we turn slow seasons into service improvement opportunities.

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Our staff are true experts in the HVAC-R industry and are current on the latest developments. Our founder has been voted one of the 15 most influential people in HVAC. In other words, your new technicians will be trained by some of the best people out there.

Most HVAC training programs take months or years. They need to be squeezed between your work and your life. Our program takes a tech from green to value-producing in just ten days.

We’ve heard it again and again: current trade schools suck. They put out wet-behind-the-ear technicians with no soft skills and little on-the-ground experience. We flip that on its head. Technical expertise is our focus.

Our school has an actual HVAC company attached to it. Regarding real-world learning, nothing beats an actual service call; your trainees will experience that right out of the gate.

About Our Founder


Joe's impact on the HVAC industry is evident in the numerous awards he’s received and in the results of his training and consulting efforts. With a personal track record of training over 35,000 technicians and sales representatives. Awards he’s received include:

  • 2011, 2016 HVAC Contracting Business Consultant of the Year
  • 2015 Top Ten Most Influential People in HVAC
  • 2022 HVAC Hall of Fame Member

The Classes

10 Days - This course is designed to take a student without previous HVAC experience to what they need to succeed as a maintenance technician.

It’s the first step to obtaining an EPA certification.

3 Days - This HVAC training course provides students with a complete understanding of refrigeration in just three days. It’s absolutely crucial for any HVAC technician looking to diagnose and repair cooling systems.

3 Days - Focusing on the complexities of modern heating systems, this course is a must-complete for any would-be technician.

In just 3-days, this HVAC class will provide knowledge about fossil fuel dangers, heating system maintenance, and skills in troubleshooting and repair.

3 Days - Troubleshooting technology allows students to read and comprehend basic and advanced wiring diagrams and troubleshoot electrical systems.

The knowledge of electrical technology gained from this class will contribute to the success of the student and their employer in the highly competitive heating and cooling industries.

3 Days - Students in this course will learn proper equipment installation techniques. This includes duct and ventilation work.

With both heating and cooling modules, students of this course will be qualified to make system recommendations.

You can expect 60 percent of this course to be hands-on.

Meet Your Staff


Paul is our curriculum developer and head instructor. He is responsible for our unique, highly successful approach to HVAC technician training.

When it comes to industry expertise, Paul is hard to beat. He’s been an inspector, a company owner, and a technician. He’s also certified to proctor both EPA and NATE exams.


Loree has the distinction of holding a certified Master Plumber's License in 3 states. This is especially unique due to the fact that she is one of less than 10 women to do so.

She is an incredible instructor due to her vast experience and has the ability to motivate students with her style of inserting life skill examples as well as technical skills into her blend of teaching skills.

She works diligently to make her courses exciting, insightful and full of hands-on learning.