Technical Arts Center Programs

Technical Arts Center Programs

Our Learning Module, subject-based training program is designed to take almost any inexperienced person with a little mechanical aptitude and instill in him, or her, the skills needed to begin a career in the exciting, high paying HVAC field in a shorter amount of time than other learning institutions. Our accelerated step-by-step technical excellence program is based on proven techniques, processes and procedures developed after years of hands-on experience by award winning founder, Joe Cunningham. Beneficial for both students and the companies they work for, our courses are delivered by the finest technical instructors in the country in an easy to learn and understand format, consisting of both classroom and laboratory experience. The Technical Arts Center program is designed to cover virtually every aspect of a technician's career and is formatted into courses called Learning Modules. Following our course structure in sequence, gives students the ability to prepare for each season and apply their knowledge in the field while it's fresh in their minds.

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Technical Arts Center Core Programs

Fast Start Maintenance Specialist   
Air Conditioning Specialist   
Heating Specialist   
Electrical Specialist   
Troubleshooting Specialist   
Installation Specialist   
Fast Track Plumbing Specialist